Your Chiropractor’s Role in Weight Loss

More than one-third of the American population is considered overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If your weight is something you continue to struggle with despite trying various fad diets and exercises, you are in the same boat as many of you fellow Americans. So what else can you do? We are bombarded with the advertisements for getting rid of fat fast with miracle pills and dangerous surgeries. However, as good as these options seem on TV, more often than not, they are very risky procedures that can leave you with even more severe health problems and have also been known to cause death.

The good news is that there is a much safer and more proven treatment to help you lose weight. You might be surprised to learn that your chiropractor can help you get on the right track. How so?

Like most in the medical field, chiropractors are trained not only in spinal alignment but also in overall health and wellness. So along with chiropractic adjustments, they will help see what lifestyle and nutrition changes you should make to reach your goal. The key to a healthy body is, of course, what you put in it.

And what about the spinal adjustments is so compelling? When your spine is out of alignment, the nerves on the spinal column can’t send the proper messages to the brain. These messages include the feeling of being hungry or being full. So although you had just eaten an hour ago and your stomach is full, your nerves are telling your brain a different story, and you end up eating much more than necessary.

Also, when your spine or joints are unaligned, it is common to have chronic pain and a decreased range of motion. This, of course, makes exercising or even simple physical activities difficult not only to enjoy but also perform. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments will help you to enjoy an active lifestyle once again and put you on your way to a healthier, thinner you. Your chiropractor will also be able to recommend what exercises are best for your body type and spinal health.

So if you’re still struggling to get that extra weight off and get your life back, why not talk to a chiropractor about it today? He will help you make the needed adjustments not only in your spine, but in your activities, and diet so that your individual needs are met and you can have a successful weight loss journey.

Josh Evans