Improving Posture for a Healthier Spine

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, the majority of us have a less than perfect posture. Hours of sitting at a computer or looking down at our phone can live us with sore shoulders, necks, and even headaches. Not to mention that slouching isn’t exactly an attractive or confident look for anyone. So what are some of the causes of bad posture, and how can you correct them?

Typically, slouching is more drastic when you are seated. Most of the time, we are entirely unaware of our improper posture because we are too engrossed in the task in front of us. But if this unnatural position becomes a habit, it can give us the spinal discomfort mentioned above. This problem can be solved simply by repositioning your computer and chair and by using a chair with excellent lumbar support. Make sure you take a break every 30 minutes or to stand up and move around.

Another factor that plays into lousy posture may be your sleeping position. Your entire body is affected by the position you sleep in, whether it’s your joints, muscles, or nerves. This, in turn, causes poor posture the next day. Having the correct pillow and mattress and being conscious of your position will help you avoid the aches and pains.

Fatigue and stress have a lot to do with muscle pain and in turn, bad posture. Specific muscles can contract or tighten due to stressful emotions. That makes it harder for the muscles to support the spine and stay vertical. Many have found that relaxation techniques, massage, and exercise can help relieve tense muscles.

You might be surprised that your purse or gym bag can have an impact as well on your posture. If you daily carry a heavy bag, it can put a lot of strain on your back. If you only take it on one shoulder, over time, it will become lower than the other shoulder. If at all possible, try to carry less, switch up what side your bag is carried on, and look into a backpack style that would evenly distribute the weight.

Chiropractic treatment will help you to get on the right track to better posture and a healthier spine. Your chiropractor will help you to maintain and improve your posture while suggesting stretches and exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles.

With a few lifestyle changes and a little help from the right professionals, you will find your posture will drastically improve.

Josh Evans