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Generations of Care

Dr. Josh Evans is a 3rd generation Chiropractor and taking care of people who are in pain, and who need maintenance on their bodies, is his passion. For more than 100 years chiropractic care and the advances within it, enable us to provide meaningful pain relief to the patients who are desperately seeking alternatives to medications and surgery.

At Advanced Chiropractic of South Hills, we promise to give you the specialized treatment you deserve.


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Dr Evans has given me my life back. Before I went to him I had a stiff neck and migraines almost everyday for months. I can’t thank him enough for helping me finally feel normal again.
— MK
I’ve been seeing Dr.Evans regarding various aches and pains through my back, neck, and legs. He has been able to teach me multiple stretches and better preventative methods for taking care of my body. Any question I have asked he has always been able to supply an answer grounded in the science of his field. His help has been tremendous and I reccomend anyone who is looking for a chiropractor to schedule with him immediately.
— BB
Dr. Evans is a highly skilled, professional, and caring chiropractor. He will listen to your concerns and work diligently to provide the best care possible. Highly recommended!
— RM
Wow! This is the place to go for back pain! Dr. Evans has the tools and the know how to get your life back on track.
— CA



I have one goal: to help the people live their best lives through chiropractic care. I have dedicated my adult life to the ever changing dynamic of this science to benefit the patients who seek my help. If you come to me, I promise to give you the care and tools you need to help you live your best life.

About Me


Dr. Josh Evans believes strongly in the benefits of nutrition and exercise to supplement the already awesome power of the chiropractic adjustment. He is taking what he has learned from his uncle, father, and grandfather in conjunction with a modern approach to health and wellness  to provide comprehensive treatment not just for symptoms, but the person as a whole.