How Your Magnesium Levels are Affecting Your Body

Different minerals affect our body in different ways; however, it’s not very often that we are consciously thinking about the levels of minerals in our body or how they may be affecting us.  One such mineral that is essential to a healthy body is magnesium. But why is it so important and how is it affecting your body’s overall function?

Why Do We Need Magnesium?

Magnesium is needed in over 600 cellular reactions in your body. These can be anything from making DNA to maintaining a healthy heartbeat. Without the proper dose of magnesium we could start to experience problems like muscle weakness, migraines, depression, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, and even heart disease.

One example of how magnesium can affect your body is that it helps regulate muscle contractions. The mineral works like a natural calcium blocker and helps your muscles to relax.  Calcium tends to bind to troponin C and myosin, two types of proteins, and this can produce a muscle contraction.

So if you have a magnesium deficiency it can cause your muscles to contract too often which commonly causes cramps or spasms. However, magnesium can counteract the calcium by binding to the same proteins and relaxing your muscles. That’s why magnesium is often recommended by doctors for those that suffer from frequent muscle cramps.

How Can You Experience the Benefits of Magnesium?

One way is by eating more foods in your diet that are high in the mineral. Some of these foods you should consider including the following foods in your diet: pumpkins seeds, boiled spinach, boiled Swiss chard, cooked black beans, flaxseeds, boiled beet greens, almonds, cashews, dark chocolate, avocado, tofu, and salmon.

It can be difficult to get enough magnesium through diet alone, if this is the case, talk to your doctor about an appropriate supplement to help your body reap the benefits of having the proper amount of magnesium.

Others have found that soaking in an Epsom salt bath, which contains magnesium, is beneficial to muscle cramps and aches as well as reducing stress and sleeping better. This can lead to an overall improvement in your health since your body functions better when you are getting enough rest and able to relieve stress in your life.

Talk to a healthcare professional and ask if you could have magnesium efficiency. Getting the right amount daily could play a big factor in your overall health.  

Josh Evans