Could Your Posture Be Affecting Your Vision?

Our body is connected in ways we might not even be aware of. Yes, you know how each joint connects every bone and so forth, but did you know that there is a link between your spinal health and your optical health? Read on to find out how the alignment of your back could be affecting the effectiveness of your eyes.

Where the Link Starts

To understand the connection between your eyesight and your posture, we have to start with how your eyes connect to your brain. 

Your eyes are just one part of the complicated nervous system that connects to your brain. Your eyes take in light and that light hits the photoreceptors located in the retina at the back of your eyeball.

The visual cortex of your brain reads those signals when they become electrical impulses that travel to the optic nerve. Your brain then interprets these signals and tells your body how to respond.

The communication from your eyes to your brain travels along the nerves that are along your spine. Therefore, when your posture is healthy, that communication is speedy and continuous. 

If most of the time your spine is hunched or slumped they quality between the connections begin to worsen because of the obstructions between your spinal cord and your brain.

When this occurs, there is a delay between when your eyes first see an object and when your brain can process it and thus respond to it. This can lead to an endless cycle. To make up for the lack of vision, you may then lean forward or tilt your head to see clearer thus causing more muscle tightness and back pain.

How Can You Improve the Relationship Between Your Eyes and Your Spine?

You will first need to identify if it is indeed your spine that is causing blurry vision and eye-straining. Your optometrist will be able to diagnose where the problem is coming from. If your eye problems are coming from a misaligned spine or bad posture, then you should make an appointment with your chiropractor.

Other Helpful Tips

1.     Change the way you sit and stand to improve posture

2.     Regularly visit a physical therapist or chiropractor to realign your spine

3.     Engage in core building exercises that promote a healthy posture

4.     Practice eye exercises to promote healthy vision

Josh Evans